Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Planetary Citizen Overview

The Planetary Citizens are not the kind of invaders you see in bad action movies.

Planetary Citizens

The general description humans ascribe to Citizen is some sort of seahorse centaur, or alternately quadrupedal shrimp with an upright body with four arms.

Reaction to Humans
Generally speaking, most citizens are a least a little frightened of humans.

Home World
Little is known about the Citizen home world -  not even its name, which is held as sacred by the PCs and not revealed to any Humans. Hypothesis based on the nature of the alien tech, and a few interviews holds that it has few large contents, but many large island chains - and of those, the interiors are desert due to the rain-shadow effect of many large mountains. The climate was apparently close to Earths - the citizens are quite surprised by how hospitable this planet is.

Aside from the matter of the Faster-than-light system that brought them here, Citizen technology is not particular advanced compared to human machines, though often the emphasis is different.

The landforms of the home planet tended to emphasize vehicles that either bypassed terrain, or could easily steady itself. Bipedal and quadrupedal machines are quite common, to maneuver on uncertain slopes or outright climb over obstacles. From the citizen point of view, the Ekaide encounter-suit is more of an armored forklift than a power-armor.

Helicopters and aircraft are also popular with the Citizens, but rare on Earth due to the nature of their arrival - many were shot down in the ensuing fighting, and the facilities to create more are not yet ready. 

Citizens are smaller than humans, and not as strong, meanwhile a machine on legs doesn't provide the stable platform for high-recoil weapons. Thusly, their weapons technology focuses more on equipment with minimal recoil - rockets, missiles, and energy weapons.