Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

100 Posts, One New Edition

Be sure to turn up the volume - I have a quiet speaking voice and neither the poor microphone or GP-5 civil defense mask helps this.

This is the official unveiling of the FFS edition - showcasing modifications I mentioned on this site, and eventually the updated world histories and edited versions of these stories.Admittedly, it is still a work in progress quality document - the 100th post milestone seemed more important than polish at this time.

The Document Itself

So what has changed?

  • New Table of Contents, Index, and Back Cover.
  • Stats changed to be in the range of one too seven, and Aim split into “Close Combat” and “Ranged”
    • This is the main non-reverse compatible change. Most of the other stuff is added content and can be used with the older rules.
  • New Skill List and an increased number of Special Abilities
  • New Chapters for Optional Rules,
  • Combat rounds 15 seconds
  • Now “Run full or run half and take an action” for movement in combat.
  • Some examples rewritten, numerous rules clarified
  • Scarcity Rules
  • Much greater explanation of -1 difficulty
  • Chapter headings given more thematically appropriate names
  • Jumping explained better
  • Elements of the Anarchy Zone Setting

To Be Done
  • Equipment specific to the Anarchy Zone setting still needs to be written up
  • Artwork  
  • More Setting Information  
  • Alternate Settings and Creatures

  • Doe the attribute change throw off the combat or balance too much?  
  • Should Cognizance be merged with the main rules chapter?
  • Currently, I see the rules and the settings as two closely related, but separate projects - maintaining that there can be other settings for the D&B. Should the two be more integrated?
  • How do you like the scarcity rules?

Video Transcript:
Hello Wasteland. If you've found this - you've got proof I'm not dead. Look around the site a little more - and you should find this.
Its a new edition of the survival guide I've been working on. 
Some of it may seem old hat to you veterans out there. But this is the definitive new edition.supplants most of the old stuff. New information on biometrics. New rules and mores for dealing with scarcity, (Speaking of which - how many zombies have you eaten cat?)* and lots more information for you group leaders out there.
I haven't compiles as much information about the government zones as I would have liked - so keep an eye out for other transmissions for those. 
Now the other thing that is lacking, is images. I've searched the SPHERE, tried to find them, but those Planetary Citizens, as you know, are a reclusive bunch. Nothing has shown up with pictures of Four Legged Lobster Centaurs with horse heads, compound eyes, snail antenna, and skin like puke green flounders. Go fig.
So, if there are any artists out there, I could use some help.
For that manner, anyone else. I want some feedback. Not everyone has SPHERE access, so I want to make a published version. But I need information from your tails and adventures to ensure its as accurate as possible before I do that.
Thanks for your interest. be Safe, and remember - aim for the head.

*[The cat insisted on appearing in every attempt - so I just ad-libbed - which is why this is the only time I call them zombies instead of "reanimates". Oops.]

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