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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thankgiving

If there is one thing I'm thankful for, its the ability to appreciate irony.

I remember food shortages. During the 30s and 40s when we were supposedly at the height of our civilization. To say we were starving would be a horrid over reaction, but there were times when certain foods fifteen or twenty times more than they had a few years prior, and it was damn scary.

For a while back there, fuel supplies were so low, international shipping was all but stopped. Fresh produce was all but impossible to find, in the winter, and even in the suffer, expensive. Nuclear powered naval ships we're used to transport a few extra necessary materials like lithium, titanium,platinum, and a few others.Environmental regulations and feed supply problems decimated the captive cattle herds - and that before you not the virulent cattle disease that sprang up in those decades.

You know, thats kind of funny. All those diseases are why live stock were bigger users of nano-vac than humans. Yet you never see reanimate cows. Or any cows really. I haven't had beef in five years.

Sorry about the aside, where was I oh yeah. Limited food supplies, even chicken and Turkey were a bit hard to find. Radio stabilized food packets became far more the norm than fresh food for a while. Pretty lucky for us right now, since those things last fifteen years or more.

With so many fewer people, there is a lot more food to go around. Coffee is damn hard to come by in the states, just like cinnamon and a few other spices - but the choicest farm land is up for grabs, and wildlife is extra plentiful for those with a good eye. Unless you're on the road and rationing your supplies, we eat pretty well and its not all that expensive. Well, when you consider time is money it takes a lot - but its not like I need to show up at the office at nine AM to manage patents - so I've got time. And I swear - without restaurants, people have learned to cook again. My son Calvin was a pretty picky eater, but now now he is a lot better about it, at least when we can find him. That boy always seems to be off in his own little world.

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