Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back at the Radio Station

"How are the repairs going?"
"Not so well Mr. Hobbes."
"You're being formal. You're never formal unless your angry. What did I do and how do I apologize?"
"Am I supposed to just accept that you invited a bunch of aliens to our studio? Its not a bunker, its not even good quality plywood for the most part! The most important part of our safety is that no one knows where it is!"
"Its a civil defense shack surrounded by a fence, next to a highway, with a 46 meter tall antenna topped with airplane warning lights and the only structure aside from that gas station in fifty something miles of flat plains. We're not exactly hidden."
"Still far enough out no one comes here unless they've got business."
"You still have something against the aliens, don't you? We've done multiple interviews, and they've been quite genial about it."
"Sooner or later, people are going to want to do something about them. having a radio network wouldn't hurt - as would not displaying overt sympathies."
"It'll be a long time until that's much of a factor. Besides, if they've got com units to keep in touch with the ships orbiting the moon, they can certainly triangulate one of the few high powered transmitters in the Rockies."
"I know that on the balance our fellow human beings are a bigger threat than the reanimates and citizens both. "I just don't like people who won't speak to you face to face. My father never had actual encounters it was always a courier, intermediary ... or hit man... "
"Yeah, I check some historical archives for Mexico - so your really related to that De Zufingia...?"
"This conversation ENDS NOW. Wait - so you hear - what the hell is that shreik?"
"Aircraft engines - outside and close."

Diego and Thomas rushed outside, just in time to see a large cargo jet touch down on the highway and break hard. Two engines glowed on either side of the high T-tail, and two more hung from supports on the wing. It didn't match any transport operated in the US and if the marks on the tail were an ID number - they weren't Arabic numerals.

"It seems our visitors have arrived Tom."

The rear loading ramp dropped to the ground, and an Incubus armor stepped out, followed by a truck sized cargo container, and then two more pushing the over-sized dolly.
"Good AftERnoon gentlemen. We bring you gifts."
"Well, um, thank-you. Normally its the broadcasters who reward guests for appearing on the show..."
"We found some other transMITters in ill repAir, and thought they could be set up as repEAters to extend your range."
"I couldn't be happier to receive new equipment" Diego started, "but the fact is we're at a power deficit already. We only broadcast from eight to eight any given day so the batteries have time to charge. There is no local power grid to run anything much in the way of ancillary equipment."
"We can PROvide the needed enERgy.  It will just take a little longER to set up.
"Moving from my sound-man's technical objections, I must ask if there is something you want in return - why the sudden philanthropy? I was under the impression you were skirting regs already."
The armor gave the alien shrug sign - "skirt regs?"
"You were breaking the rules or close too it."
"Not sanctioned, but no rule against it."
"And there is still no rule against supplying us this equipment?"
"If a citizen remains here with you it is a field study and transMISsion experimENt dealing with human techNOlogies, and thus officially encouraged and paid for with group funds." 
"Well, if nothing else - that kind of politics proves we have more in common than than anyone realizes."
"Interesting point, Diego - but are you not going to object?"
"Can we have one on those E-cady things?"
"EE-KAI-EYE-DEE. And no. It would not fit a human. OF course for the citizen who remains here it would be fitting protection..."
"You were just talking about how poorly protected this place is you know..."
"This can't be a good idea."
"That isn't a no."
"Can I think about it?"

"This is SING-SING with the Morning Swing! We've got some big bands to start your day! Later we'll have contemporary music, and for for lunch you can chew on some academic discussion of nano-batteries and the types of power-cells. This is 104.3 WJMK - live from the wasteland!"
"You know - that thing is surprisingly good at this - though might it have picked a better name?"
"Its actual name is a musical chord whistled at a pitch that shorts out speakers - I'd say this is a pretty good compromise."
"OK, but I'm not going to lower everything to half height for it."

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