Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lets Get Medieval

Ye brave souls seekth to slay thy foul abominations brought forth by the hands of the devil? More than goode steel be required for that. But, that be a goode start. Gather about this table yea, and each of you share a tale of how each in turn killth these unnatural beings before we set again to find the what evil lurks in Canterbury.

The Knight's Tail
A man's own skein is is good so that fistes do not harm overmuch - but a knife would put two of them on fair standing, and a mace or sworde overmatch. Barding of not unyeilding nature - goode boil'd leather or a shirt of iron rings doth incrse thy protection a level. A landowner's keep and the yield of many serfs may profvide Plates and helmet that are better yet. Yet even the proof-mark dent may not prove it resits all gonnes.

I doth see that few of you bear the maks of wearing armour before, but surely you will come to understand it doth drain your vigor. It will soon make ye weary, and hotte as a smith's forge almost. 

The Wife of Bath
He doth unsheathed a mighty sword and run me through a fair number of times - least till the roster crowed. Then it return to its sheath, and his blade leave the scabbard, and off he went to find sinners, though I think he found none that day.

But many types of blades there are and other means to do those who asalt thee. A goode steel blade the length of your arm or more pehaps adds an extra throw to your chance of a telling hitte.  Flailing chains or a mace can crush a man thru armour that woulde turn a blade. A bowe would lette you have the advantage of time, but not of strength, though I hear a crosse bow does split armour with surprising ease - though ye will have far fewer chances before the fiend is upon thy throat.

Doctor of Physic
Many fields have I seen, but the one of battle is be not one of them. But I have ridden wyde an far to claim goode herbs for the apothacary, and to let bloode and other humours. And I do tell you, that it is a matter of balenced acounting - much like said humours- that keeps a hos on its feet and you on its back.

Do not forget to let it graze and drink everyday, even if you must do without. Otherwise, its chance of going layme goes to perhaps the chance on knuckle-bone rolled in a game of haszurd.

The Game Master's Interjection:
Leather or Chain-mail armor will boost a character's SDI to Three, and Full Plate type of armor to Four. However, both of these old types of armor are more restrictive than a modern ballistic vest, and would be worse than useless against twentieth century weapons - they would probably shatter. As such, modern guns treat the armor as having one less SDI, while gaining an extra die of effect from the shrapnel.

A long sword adds a d6 rather than increasing damage rating, while a blunt weapon adds no extra dice, but does boast a DR of three against medieval armor. This does not necessarily apply to modern equipment.A crossbow has a DR three as well, but takes a whole turn to reload and draw.

Horses are mainly governed by scarcity rolls - d8 phased. Not feeding the animal will drop the die size. Attempting to gallop for an extended period of time or escape a threat through rough terrain requires a roll - as per usual, a failure will drop the quality - making the creature less willing to work, or perhaps even killing the poor animal if it drops below a d4.

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