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Friday, June 17, 2011

Urban Fishing

Now remember, you owe me. Hell, if I was a meaner cuss, the operative would be I own you. But, right now I'll just settle for an understanding, don't go misbehaving on my boat. Its a real beaut - sixty foot sailing yacht. Its been in the family three generations now, we've always been part of the moneyed and powerful crowd. Forward thinkers too. Well, maybe not so far as the whole global warming, or more precisely, we saw the profit in it rather than the seeking to set away something. Though really, no one was going to change things until money got involved.

Sure, they tried the NESTS, and the EDGE developments. Its a start - but the government couldn't really force people into those places. You'd resit being stuck in a little box 500 feet off the ground right? Instead, they needed the carrot approach.

You don't care about that, do you? Even I have a hard time talking about all the finances and stuff we did to get those things moving. In the end, it doesn't seem to have really mattered - I had this boat anyway. It seems a bit petty, perhaps it is a bit petty. But this has let me live, and live well, so I'm allowed to be happy that I've got it - right?

Now, the ecological and economic collapses were mitigated somewhat. Even wars for resources is a good sign - if things were truly as bad as some predictions, we wouldn't even be able to move the armies into a potion to fight. But, as you know, sea levels rose somewhat, and there were a number of cites relying on pumps and levies to stay dry. No power from EMP, and boom, under they go. Some gradually as each rainstorm doesn't go away fast enough, others violently in the next hurricane.

Well, I've got a boat, and a good fishing set - I could land a marlin or shark if there were any. Wind to move, solar cells for light and heat, some plants on a greenhouse improvised on the deck. Sail up a flood street and anchor by a high rise to get amenities every now and then. Its not Noah's ark, but I'm doing well.

What brings you to the East coast, if I might ask?

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