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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yegov Yevghenni Lvod

Yegov is Siberian, and proud of it. From his point of view, it was either Siberians alone, or perhaps his father in particular, that helped save Stalingrad, Moscow, and turn Kursk. He has made it a personal mission to defeat the impossible whenever possible to keep their memory alive.

Some people would make jokes about Siberians as country bumpkins -akin to how some people in the USA mock  Southerners as "rednecks". His enthusiastic and sometimes simple demeanor would seem to feed into that. However, few people in the group are willing to mock a man who earned respect by leading from the front, constantly carries a PPSh-41 submachinegun, and is often dosed on enough combat drugs to be able to run a marathon after having both legs amputated by a chainsaw.

Yegov Yevghenni Lvod (English: George, son of George Lvod)
Began as a lieutenant when first joining the group. By the groups shut-down, his rank was officially Major General - though more from the stance of organizing strategic assets than actual authority over a large number of people. 

  • Strength  (5) -- 5
  • Wits  (3) -- 4
  • Technique  (4) -- 4
  • Quick  (2) -- 3
  • Close Combat  (4) -- 4
  • Ranged Combat  (4) -- 5
  • Animus  (9) -- 10
  • Deadening  (8) -- 9
  • Lucidity  (5) -- 7
  • Pack  (7) -- 8
  • Up-Rise  (9) -- 9
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Negotiation
  • Ammo Conservation
  • (S3 Access (Free-Running)
  • (S4 Investigation)
  • (S5 Driving)
  • (SA 2 Martial Arts (+1 DR to Hand to Hand)
  • (SA 3 Clout: General Officer)
Numbers in parenthesis are at the beginning of his career. Over Thirty years in an elite unit has given him far more skills and ability than a usual person. (About extra 45 AP spent)

The Average person not familiar with the non-European Republics of the USSR would be rather taken back by his appearance - rather more akin to Inuit or northern Mongolian than Caucasian. Aside from that, he is far more average in height and build than one would expect of the take charge leader of a special forces unit. Dark hair, eyes, and a tendency towards fairly drab military style colors tends to mean he doesn't stand out in a crowd, unless cackling and firing an automatic weapon at undead. In combat, he wears a standard issue armored coat and gas mask, making him as anonymous as the rest of the troops. 

Common Equipment:  
Yegov has an almost unhealthy love for the PPSh-41 submachinegun, and and an enjoyment of all things shotgun - especially the massive 4 gauge KS-23 when it becomes available in the early 80s. He also has a combination trench-spike/knuckle-duster and a TT-33 pistol with his at all times. As the unit commander, he has access to anything in the units armory or vehicle park - even limited access to chemical weapon stocks (after-all, that is part of the unit's mission as well).

His soldiers affectionately call Yegov "the shotgun general" because he insists on leading from the front, and would never dream of calling in an airstrike when he could personally use buckshot. He is enthusiastic, but cares for his troops and would never order them to do something he wouldn't. He Yegov is not particularly prone to reflection or reading when he could be active and isn't dumb, just not always the first to find the least violent solution. Although enlisted men like him well enough, he tends to confound other officers since he has little patience for paper work and often delegates such to others, or simply ignores it - there is a reason why a "general" is in charge of a sub-battalion sized unit.

Use in a Game:  
Characters actually a part of 2552 will meet him on an almost daily basis - he has a habit of waking up soldiers by using firearms in their vicinity. However, he is encouraging, runs physical training with them, and is always there to brief them or even lead an operation.

Post fall of the Soviet Union, he preferred to split his general's salary amongst the others in the unit, and did his best to hide or clean up the unit.  Yegov has no regrets about the unit, and is more than willing to hunt down a creature if given the chance, but does not take kindly to investigations of his old unit.  He is not prone to talk to his daughter about the unit either, though she might be slightly more helpful to detectives.

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