Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zone Karma

"It has been quite a while KC, we were beginning to doubt you would return."
   "Thank-you for your concern, Mr. Hobbes. Frankly, I was rather worried too. I've got the feeling that I'm no longer the sole voice of the zone. A lot of people are venturing out to expand living space, to find the dwindling technology, to preserve a bit of the past before nature takes it, or because their city state has grown beyond simple survival. One man on a motorcycle might be a good guide, but he is not a movement."
  "Not even if he's Che Guvera?"
  "What? Me as a revolutionary? Che is ain't so! (laughter) No. No. I'm kind of anything but, really. I intentionally try not to make waves. Its, well...."
   "Bad to make enemies? Dangerous to cut off suppliers? Unhealthy to bait raiders?"
  "I'd say all of the above, but then again, sometimes it might be a good idea to do any one of those, or all three at the same time. The zone doesn't have some multi-axis description of behavior good and bad, it doesn't align one way or another. But there is definitely a sense of karma if nothing else. I'm not a big believer in religion or a wanna-be hippy, however I have a sense that what goes around comes around. A guy with a lot of scars - even money says he was either dumb enough to get them, or smart enough to survive getting them. The woman with just a handgun is either woefully unprepared or knows exactly what she needs, and carries no more than necessary."
  "So you're basically saying that the rules of the zone is don't step on any toes because you can't tell how tough people are or if they have connections?"
  "Not Really."
  "That is what it sounds like."
  "I know. I'm not really the Arcadian rhetoric kind of..."
  "Yeah, that one thank you. Its more, you gotta prepare for the worst, and accept that there will be consequences. But still, do what you feel is right.  Live for the day, but know you're not getting away scot-free. Oh hummp, I'm just spouting meaningless platitudes, and I hate that. Its the kind of thing I always hated in parents and teachers just these per-programmed responses. I should be talking about using motorcycles for transportation or good ways to find mmmo rather than muttering about nice behavior."
  "What was that...

[Diego, is everything OK back there?
 We seem to be having some power problems, that something seems to be shorting again... wrap it up"

"Well, as luck would have it KC, you're getting a chance to think of a better response - we're having some problems and are going to have to cut this short."
  "Gotcha. I hope its nothing I did..."
  "Old Equipment, and improvised spares."
  "Yeah, well thanks for having me, and good luck getting everything running."

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