Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Thoughts from Inside

The is something in the Human psyche that just isn't comparable with the ten hour work week. If you make it possible to do in four hours what used to be done in eight - people will continue to work eight hours and double output. Can't quite say why - but all those old 1950's Popular Mechanic's articles didn't understand this either, so I'm in good company.

Now the short answer would seem to be that we don't have labor saving devices in the zone. But really, we're not ignorant savages, and we're not re-inventing the wheel. Most people at least know the definition of the word "irrigation" - its not like were in Babylon and its a newly discovered concept. Might not know the best practices to be sure, but we can try and experiment, and have come up with a pretty good system.

I wouldn't call everyone lazy, but we recall the old days and aren't quite willing to throw ourselves into per-industrial behaviors that quickly. I'm there are Amish and civil war re-enactors somewhere that are just laughing their heads off about all of this. The rest of us are creating short-cuts wherever possible. Or go the long way because we can - quite a few people here have hammocks on a pulley and crack system, to ratchet them up to the ceiling, rather than just rather than just pick them up and fold them. Hammocks are pretty popular since making new mattresses is a pretty big resource and technology sink when you think of it - all those springs contained in discrete layers...

What? Oh, yeah. Its easy to go off on tangents like that. We're not all that directed around here. Its boring really. We're so used to focusing on multiple things at once, walking and talking while eying things in the mall, picking out information on the SPHERE while mentally sorting out the dross, listening to music and driving - there isn't enough stimulation for the modern mind without radio and net access.

So we continue to work, no matter if our inventions save time. Really, its the people trapped by reanimates with nothing else to contemplate that go stir-crazy or have internal social issues. If there is work to be done and a strong wall, who cares about the things outside? If there is something valuable here, people will come right through them - they'll go through cities for loot, and that doesn't have a guaranteed pay off or armed rescuers standing-by at the gates so why bother with the things until someone shows up anyway?

You can tell I haven't been sleeping lately, huh? So many things. Where is the army in all of this? We can't have lost all the marines. There's got to be some sort of back-door system that lets them take over micro-facs and rearm, right?

Final Observation: Settlement 351a, "Crosby" is a currently functional settlement, in need of minimal type 1-B aid package for possible reintegration with federal systems. Inhabitants are still in recovery phase and open to accepting return of aid. Settlement 355 to the north has a higher independence index, but is still within standards of type 2 aid with need for standard undermine or enhanced procedures to secure loyalty. No villages currently require level three or active termination. - Mauser.


  1. That is some very nice writing; makes me think of Max Brooks, but that is a very high compliment indeed.

  2. Thanks! I've been busy lately and worried about the quality of my work - this makes me feel a lot better.

    If there is anything you particularly like, or if you have specific questions about the game world (or system) - let me know, and I'll do my best to address your responses.