Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Evil Plans

Somewhere among us is a person who thinks they are going to take over the world. The reasons and methods - oh let me count the ways!

The Event has winnowed out all the old and infirm, leaving them to lead the Darwinian fittest of the human race. They know how to march into Hoover dam or an old missile silo and take up the power to reduce anyone who disagrees with them to nothing. The Event was the true sign that democracy/electricity/fluoridated water/capitalism/nanotechnology was a weakness in our society at large. What is the worth of one human being when the universe is so large as to have other intelligent races like the Citizens? It is time for payback now that "The Man"isn't keeping them down.

By an large, the world isn't like that. Sure, there are a lot of people mad at the Citizens, but not everyone of them is a bug eyed invader seeking to steal our women. OK, they are are bug-eyed, and they are invaders - bad choice of words on my part - but there are good and kind ones among them. Nor did the war and rising dead universally choose only the naturally fittest - community, intelligence, and luck says we still have a cross section of the population similar to before, just far smaller. Control and leadership takes a lot more than one good archeological find or a simple philosophy.

But what scares me, is that they aren't wholly wrong either. The Crossbow team is used by the government to secure loose nukes, but it is unlikely that they have recovered every single one (Just the size of one of those weapons makes it seem a bit difficult.) Even if all those weapons are secure - there are chemical refineries and power plants that are not, and plenty of more standard military equipment lost by the defeated or retreating army.

I'm not expecting anyone to rebuild civilization by themselves, to liberate an entire NEST, or crush the forces of international communism wherever they lurk by throwing the hammer and sickle of power into the fires of a volcano (note to self - use that for next movie script). But in your little corner of the zone, you may have the chance to stand up to a megalomaniac, and save a lot of lives, even if the day before you were looking for scrap metal and very next day you go back to that.

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