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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quiet Reanimate Seder Thoughts

"This is the bread of affliction, which our forefathers ate in the land of Egypt..."

You find a lot of people going through religious festivals these days. I really can't attest if belief is making a comeback or not. Even in New Birmingham there are probably a lot of those with minimal faith that put on airs to take advantage of a good thing. But, so far as I can tell there are a lot of festivals.

Obviously, most of these rituals pre-date electricity, so its something to bring people together without using too much in the way of resources. Kind of like how Classic Rock and Classical compositions have changed places - quartets and candles are still possible, sparing the fuel for generators to run the electric guitars and light show - that is high society extravagance!

There is also the excuse to eat - never underestimate how many of our holidays center around food. If you can't splurge on your scarce supplies in the name of god, when can you? Well, obviously it should be never - but if you really did get held in that austerity, would you want to live?

Taking a less facetious tone - that may be a reason for the rise of spirituality. To have something to live for, or belief that those taken down in the hard days of the Event are in a better place, where we can see them again soon. (But not too soon, of course.) If not the afterlife, then deliverance and affliction are powerful themes when in any disaster, especially one that seems so supernatural.

While recovering the technological artifacts is where the big money is, there is a good market for preserving religious and social ones too. Some of these can be difficult - you can't just throw a torah or icon in a sack drag it around after all. You need to escort a rabbi or have a priest demonstrate proper care. Still, even if you do it for some religion you've never heard of, there is that extra warm feeling in your heart for doing it, in addition to standard fees your charging. I just know there is that satisfaction, and you don't get it from just grabbing generators and nano-vac. Its the closest I feel to relgious.

Well, its not for me to judge, but you'd be remiss without a bit of spirit in the zone.

And on that note, have a joyful passover. L'Çhaim.

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