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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Known City State Forces in the USA 2

A Quick Aside:
The comic "Scenes From a Multiverse" from 11/12/11 is rather interesting. Although I like the comic in general, this particular one deals with how to level blame for a zombie apocalypse. It exposes the sentiment that I feel for the background to this game - its a little bit every one's fault, and not necessarily a warning about man playing god with technology.

Las Vegas
Vegas is of course home to two infantry regiments, one armored battalion, two and a half fighter squadrons, two bomber squadrons, and a mix of transport, helicopter, and support units. All told - over 10,000 regular military personnel. However, the city maintains three special forces groups for more specific missions.

Commando Platoons 1-5
Made of the collective remnants of many different special forces units - SEALS, Delta Force, Rangers, FBI Hostage Rescue, Secret Service, and even some SAS troops who were on vacation in the US - each platoon is only 20 soldiers, but that is generally more than enough. In a city full of professional soldiers, these are the best, and when things get ugly, or something absolutely must be recovered from the zone - these are the people who can get the mission done with minimal trouble.
Special Service
Most people regard this group as a penal battalion, and it is true that its usually a punishment posting for trouble makers. However, the Service (never referred to as the SS - those who use such an abbreviation are likely to suffer physical injuries) has proven itself time and again and this is the group most often sent out into the zone. Half is because everyone is an expert at finding alternate entryways, bypassing obstacles, and retrieving anything that isn't nailed down. The other part is so that they aren't doing these actvites in the city proper.
The special forces detachment form SLAASH - the people responsible for protecting and recovering nuclear weapons. They are ruthless, loyal, and some of the few people who have trekked across the entire country in order secure weapons  and nuclear material. Although it can be hard to tell if their loyalty belongs only to their specific service or to the US in general, no one doubts their effectiveness.

Civil Guard
Tesla citizens are always wary of centralized organizations, but the needs of the current world demand that they have some form of protection. This has lead to the creation of the War College and a force system set up rather like the savant government system. Certain citizens undergo weeks of training in VR simulations and great use of table-top war games to build up a level of expertise in the (theoretical at least) practice of war. This knowledge is then backed up by a small supply of combat drones - in the form of helicopters, light aircraft, and a few remote tanks - mounted turrets, and a mercenary force collectively called "Protectors".
Tesla's philosophy is generally a non-violent one and its population fairly limited. Thus they make great use of mercenaries and outsiders who are willing to trade service for goods, food, and housing in units outside the main complex. Part of the deal also requires that they grant the Civil Guard command authority, however since the CG has combat drones and mounted weapon emplacements to back them up, its usually accepted as a worthwhile trade off. Protectors are rotated through the city proper on a bi-weekly basis act as a police force and serve on juries. Since they're not part of the hive-mind and outsiders they help provide an impartial balance in the occasional sever internal conflict.
Very few outsiders know Outreach exists, and even then - what it is capable of is only known thorough rumor and hearsay. The citizens of Tesla prefer to keep it that way - fear and confusion can be an edge in battle, and its rarely wise to make enemies desire a preemptive strike. Outreach is not only special through training - but by breeding and construction as well. True to the futurist desires of the free city, these are transhuman soldiers and AI combat robots - both concepts flying in the face of former international treaty and established medical ethics.

Ruby Ridge:
Citizens Militia
The RR citizens militia seems to be rather akin to the defense forces set up by most of the other city states. However, they are better equipped and trained than average, approaching the levels of a professional army. Access to original military gear is a bit sparse, but they are quite willing to improvise and have begun to produce their own vehicles and weapon systems.
Hanging Judges
Most law enforcement is a local affair, and a hearing before a small council - much like it was in the old west. However, there is a traveling circuit of ordained judges and trained lawyers that take over for major crimes, and are the only ones with the authority to pass sentences of greater than ten years, execution, or exile.They are often accompanied by bounty hunters.

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