Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Translated Gripes Part Two

Drawn Iron exited the building first, followed by her guard, GGA#A-09 "OK you two, exploration complete, on to the next area."
"Yes princess." CDAG-12 and F#DDA-91 replied in all too perfect unison. Drawn Iron's antenna quivered and nearly touched out of confusion. This only made the two guard chirp a bit more.
"OK, what are you two giggling about?"
"Nothing." replied CDAG-12
"Just a joke." F#DDA-91 added.
"Are you listening to rumors about me?"
F#DDA-91 paled a bit, her antena drooping, "Listening - no."
"Uhh..." F#DDA-91 turned to CDAG-12, and scissored her arms left over right.
"Come on"
"...Yes princess." the pair finally replied.
"You two are like first instar sometimes! If we weren't related I'd have you..."
"We aren't related, we're from - ow! Don't hit me!" CDAG-12
"Related by guild - metal workers," F#DDA-91 began. "Of course we physically come from three different parts of the planet and probably fought glorious wars to to wipe each other out. Its in calling and aptitude that planet sees fit to join us."
"You don't need to refer to history with so much sarcasm - or repeat a child's level of knowledge to her." Drawn Iron scolded.
"Might I suggest we continue our search? It is not in our best interest to remain here longer than necessary."
"Right - you heard the professional mercenary - lets get going children - your celibate princess commands it."

CDAG-12's dismissive gesture aside, there were no more replies as each drew their weapons, and scurried off in over-watch. Bickering aside, the two were competent at what they did. GGA#A-09 and other professional soldiers had done a better than expected job of turning computer programmers, farmers, and machinists into fighters. Humans still outnumbered by untold numbers, and were getting more aggressive.

"Far be it for me to question orders - but what are we doing here?"
"Wa - you can actually intiate conversation?"
"It is not against the rules Drawn Iron, but it is normal to be quite and observe and let others reveal themselves. Even humans without antenna show a lot of what they say if you spend enough time looking."
"Not just another trick for your guild to scare everyone?"
"That too. The mercenaries don't produce quite like the other guild families, so we need to have some secrets."
"In that case, I think I'll keep just what I'm looking for as my guild secret."
"As you wish."

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