Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Topics List

As of late, its been a bit of a struggle to write new posts. Perhaps I'm losing focus again with the play test that kicked this off some nine months ago. I have certainly addressed the big issues that came up in the story department (what is in a NEST, why haven't we wiped out the aliens). Posts seem to be going farther afield, with several drafts involving the state of the Lost Sec security cruiser fleet, but not really focusing on the reanimates themselves.

In a way that is good - the setting is supposed to be "The Postman" mixed with "Oregon Trail" with a touch of "Night of the Dead" mixed in. On the other hand, the chance of being ambushed by flesh-eating ghouls in major metropolitan areas probably impacts more player and GM plans than the number of anti-ship missiles stored in a Texas bunker 800 miles away.

I spent most of today trying to come up with a good list of topics. It now fills about a page in a notebook. If there are things that you would like to see added, please comment.

Oh, and next Wednesday should be the 100th post. If all goes well, there will be something - special ready.
  • Military Forces in the Gulf
    • Mexico, Central America, South America, Former USA
  • Remaining Munition Stocks & Expected Military Salvage
  • Mexico and Canada
  • Planetary Citizens Extravaganza
    • Factions, Conflicts with each other and Humans
    • Home world, Customs
    • Psychology, Physiology (and game stats)
    • Outposts, How to Contact
  • SPHERE in Play
  • Inside Games
    • Setting VIPs, Intra-Group Cohesion, Government Struggles
    • Internal Economics and Currency
  • Community Goals & Long Term Planning
  • Equipment Stats
  • Raider Groups
  • Weather Effects
  • Boat People
  • Communication Links
  • Restarting the Machine
  • Power Supplies
  • Slang & Customs
  • New Creature Abilites
  • Karma
  • Backgrounds
  • Tactical and Strategic Management
    • Running a settlement, Large Scale Conflict (D&B - the war game?)

And now for something completely different... Jhon Cleese as a Zombie:
"Yarr, Arhh, Yar... Five Quid Please...arr..."

And something slightly more serious for those who went thrugh the entire list -

Food and the Player Characters.

Like ammunition rolls - and the proposed item durability rules in the supplement if you read that - food is going to be handled with a simple die roll for scarcity. However, the roll is going to be based on the situation at hand and player choice. 1d12 (ie one in six, since its the top two numbers) is the general food usage when the GM calls for it. Characters who are tired and low in Deadening or Lucidity roll a d10 - more food to recover, and injured characters take d8s. Players may willfully roll smaller dice yet, to prepare extra large and fine meals, which have a chance of restoring extra fatigue or possible even animus points.

How much is restored need to be balanced out. After all, the game normally avoids hyper-metabolic healing from first aid kits in exchange for an expenditure of XP during down time to recover.This also might lead to special abilities covering foraging, brewing, or being a five star chef.

A similar system might also be put in place for creature comforts. Deadening restoring devices run out of batteries, or those once comforting songs are played so often they're just background noise, or the great couch mildews. Another reason for players to leave their hideouts and explore the world. Guns might be great, but everyone needs some new movies now and then.

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