Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to --?

(A work in progress - sorry)

At one point the village would've looked like clusters of shoulder high brown and tan soap bubbles. Now it had more the ambiance of a fox raided hen-house, crushed egg shells everywhere. Although one central dome remained intact, and at its full height of about 12 feet (3.7m), most were only 5 feet (1.5m) high and groped in clusters of three to seven, somewhere between forty and fifty total.

Ellis started whining again. "This can't be good. I told you something was wrong when we saw ruined laser towers."
Alex rolled here eyes "The only thing with enough firepower to destroy those things is heavy armored vehicles - several of them in fact. That has to be a good sign, and the fewer aliens, the better."
"But we didn't see an tracks! Tanks leave tracks."
"Aircraft. Missiles."
"No craters, no scorch marks - looks like they were just plain knocked down. And now we see a village that is devoid of life. Or for that matter, bodies. Where the hell are all the alien bodies!"
"I don't know. Can they get up and walk away as reanimates? Recovered their dead? Maybe they eat each outer like real lobsters."
"Eww, I don't think they'd do tha... Can they reanimate?"
"How the hell am I supposed to know?"
"Well what do we do now? They hired us to find the aliens that had been raiding the supply caravans. Obviously these ones aren't behind it."
"No s-t Sherlock. Lets take a few minuets to loot this place then get going?"
"I don't think thats very ethical Alex."
"We loot old towns and there were humans living there that did us no wrong. This is home to a bunch of shrimp that f--d our planet and nuked Pittsburgh! Dallas is gone! So is Boulder!"
"Wasn't it the government that hit Pittsburgh - to contain the reanimates?"
"And there wouldn't be any reanimates if there were no shrimp!"
"You've really got a lot of hostility twords them. Why? Did one of them marry your father or stand you up for prom or..."
"Shut it and get to looting!"

What do you suppose all these horse shaped things are? They're wood, about a foot high and four long. Its flat on top, but at one end there's a slat that goes up at an angle, with a flat bit sticking out from it."
"I think those might be chairs. I mean, the aliens are like little centaurs - right? They'd just kind of straddle that low part, and lean forward on the raised bars, the upper flat portion is a chin rest or maybe a writing surface. Not sure where their shoulders would be."

"You know, for an alien city, all this stuff is really low tech."
"There seem to be a lot of doors built into the ground of the domes - perhaps its in the basements."
"So I guess that means we aren't getting anything. If the domes only come up to our chins, then trying to squeeze into their basements seems out of the question. 

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