Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prototype Citizen Game Atributes

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The standard one through seven attributes of Dead and Back are based around human standards. Most of the players are likely to be familiar with this species, and may be playing one.

Citizens are smaller than humans, and unlikely to win in an outright physical contest. Their typical strength runs from one to three on the human centric attribute scale.

Conversely, Citizens are fairly fast moving, and quite agile. They are well adapted to climbing and rough terrain. Their minimum quick is two, though it still maxes out at seven - they are not super-human.

Comparing Alien and Human intelligence is almost impossible - it is hard enough to create unbiased intelligence tests for different segments of one nation. However, given that they have computers, power armor, firearms, and of course space ships - it seems fairly evident that they are on par with a first world power in matters of education. There is no difference in range for tech.

Although they often seem nervous around humans - a human standing near a tiger wouldn't be so calm either. Generally, citizens do have a handle on their emotions and reactions. In fact, with a wider field of vision, excellent hearing, and their sensitive antenna - they have excellent awareness. As such, their Wits ranges from two to nine

Combat Attributes:
Citizens tend to show the same range of ability in a fight as humans. Although quick and perceptive, they are not notably strong, and combat training is hard universal.

For a citizen animus is calculated as normal. However, when it come to jumping, they can clear a gap equal to one third their animus with a running start, or a full fifty percent with a short start.

Citizens get a three point bonus to deadening - they are capable of going longer than a human without sleep, and require less food and water.

As with intelligence, psychological stability is rather hard to accurately measure between different societies. However, between a divided society and the uncertainty of their position in this new world, the Citizens still seem to be in a collective state of shock. As such, they have two points less lucidity than a human with similar stats.

Each point of pack for a citizen is only one kilo, but the limit for object numbers is the same -  (Tech + Wits)

A citizen can only carry about half as much as a human - or 2.5 kilos per point of up-rise.

Skills and Abilities:
Citizens are quite capable of learning just about any skill - though guild alliances often determine their areas of expertise more than personal interest. Despite the common impression from by humans - the use of an encounter suit is a fairly rare special ability.

Shipwright G#G#BCb-8 (of the family) x'k-LA (in the nation of) Ozensosk
Strength: 2
Quick: 4
Tech: 5
Wits: 6
Close Combat: 2
Ranged: 3

Deadening: 8 11
Lucidity: 10 8
Pack: 11 (11kg)
UpRise: 7 (21kg)

Known as "Sing Sing" to the humans she has met G#G#BCb-8 is a fairly typical example of a Citizen. Prior to arrival on earth, she worked at a port maintaining electronic equipment and loading vessels with the ubiquitous bipedal "fork-lift" of the PCs - the Eekaide robot. 

These skills made her a valuable addition to the colonial fleet, despite her initial reservations about leaving. Two of her brothers were originally slated to go - but the untimely death of FGBCB-6 turned here attitude 180 degrees. The murder was apparently part of a long running intrigue between here family and another - and she did not not want to be present for the cross fire.

Due to her technical skills, she was not thrown into the initial combat against the humans. However, the losses taken during the conflict meant she was given training in using the attachable weapon systems.

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