Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unnecessary Citizen Surgery

Alice slipped off the rubber gloves, and threw them in the hamper. Then the mask, hair net, scrubs... Yet even as the grime slipped into the baskets, a clean feeling wouldn't come. Slipping into the autoclave probably wouldn't help at this rate.

William met her as she entered the antechamber outside the operating theater. "How soon can I expect the report?"
"When its done."
"You'll have to do better than that."
"I just had to dissect a sentient creature! You were talking to it yesterday!"
"Just because it has a voice, doesn't mean it is our friend."
"But it could have been. It was quite reasonable, and probably could have told us everything we learned on the operating table!"
"I am your superior officer, I told you to take that thing apart, and you will have a report on my desk tomorrow morning."
"Officer maybe, but superior? Forcing people to do unethical things by threatening their family is not the mark of a leader."
"The transfer orders are still in the system, and may take a bit to rescind"
"You'll have your report."

Alice stormed off, William just shook his head, thinking "Women" - quotes and audible sarcasm included. Always letting their hearts take the place of their better judgement. Woman judges letting filth be protected by law,

And really, what did they know about these aliens? Calling themselves "Citizens" despite not having any loyalty to the land or god that oversaw it.

Apparently, their world had smaller tectonic plates than earth, yet being a bit larger containing many more of them. as such, the planet had far more mountain ranges and archipelagos, and continents were often split by giant rifts or rain-shadow deserts. Most of their distinct exterior anatomy was seems to make them natural climbers and inhabitants or these volcanic mountains.

The lower pair of arms lacks shoulders and thus a wide range of movement, but does offer excellent grip while the other six limbs search for purchase. Twenty eight toes and fingers, with about a third opposed made for excellent grasping on any outcropping.Chitinous plates on the creatures backs, chests, and stomachs was as much about protecting from rock falls and sharp AA lava flows, as protection from predators. Indeed, much like humans they had hunted the arboreal creatures that ate them to extinction, and the sea dwelling ones could be avoided with vessels too fast or large to be caught.

Two pairs of eyes also helped them maneuver rough surfaces. The larger pair - often mistaken for bug like compound lenses, offered panoramic views in a still undetermined spectra range - though that report should be available soon enough. Still, its apartment good enough that the citizens feel a bit limited by the cameras mounted in their encounter units. The smaller stalk mounted eyes could both look in other directions, or focus quite finely on details. The antenna apparently can be regrown - odd for such an "advanced" animal.

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