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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinner Time

One thing The Event hasn't changed is family dinners. Well, the misses likes to joke they're less controversial now.

You remember all that - one hell of a political s--- storm. The idea of the government paying families to have dinner together. Just a stipend or reward - and checked through the sphere, voluntarily. Seemed common sense enough - eat at home, save the travel expenses, be nice to people and encourage togetherness.

Other nations were instituting rationing levels not seen since world war two to deal with the loss of petroleum fertilizers. A few actually were going into outright civil war.

But no, the simple changes are always the hardest. Its government interfering in personal business, its encouraging a welfare state, its taking business away from suffering restaurants and entertainment destinations, we shouldn't panic the people that supplies are gone.

Overhauling the whole vehicle fleet was easier than that and took no debate. Oil got too expensive, the free market made people buy other cars. Getting them to agree on what car - well, the government just said screw it and let each state decide on electric, bio-fuel or what. They tried to network some trains, and to their credit, the High-speed Electric Rail System still works in some parts of the country. Though you got to admit, when the acronym is pronounced like "hearse" someone must have been trying to undermine it to the last.

I don't know what they do up North, but here its a lot of bread, greens, potatoes, peanuts - PB and J is a nigh daily staple. Cow's milk is sorely missed, but you find beans and fruit or pretend you aren't disgusted by the stuff other animals produce.

I hate goats.

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