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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Citizen Contacts

It me, KC again. Been a while - huh? Well, that is just what I do - I'm an adventure, a lone wanderer, explorer or the Terra nova. You can expect me to be out of contact occasionally - most of the time even.

Where specifically have I been recently? Well, the area North of Lone Star and South of Vegas for one, even made it to near the California border. I really miss that place, but so far, there isn't a safe way through. Most places, the Citizens are in just a big of a hole as the rest of us, squabbling over resources and the proper way to move forward. They have their S--t together, and they don't like us. Shoot on sight, search and destroy don't like. Hate us as much as they hate the guys on the other side of the Rockies.

Yep, I've actually seen shots fired in a Planetary Citizen civil war.

I'm trying to be optimistic about this. Not in the "hopefully they'll kill all of themselves for us" way either. A number of them are decent people, I've stayed with a few on occasion, and traveled with them on others.

For my survival guide, it comes down to a basic rule. Let the Citizens come to you. The kill everybody types aren't going to signal, and only rarely communicate - they don't care. Ones on the fence or outright friendly will if they've got something to say. Watch their right hand. If they make a peace sign - thumb to opposite finger, middle fingers in a V and wave it back and forth, that is a gesture of greeting. Waving a fist back and forth go away. Its just like how humans wave to each other for attention.

Now, once you do make contact, the question is what to do. The two big recommendations would be to ask for escort through their territory, and permission to salvage structures. Pretty often, the answer will be no, but at least some of the time they'll agree. Travel becomes safer, and they're quite interested in learning about the remains of towns and factories near their settlements.

A payment is likely to be requested. Don't sweat it. Citizens have their own tech and supply needs, so they're not going to ask for your most valuable stuff. They're too small to drive your vehicle or use a human rifle very well - so unlike humans, they won't be constantly trying to get those. Raw materials, snack foods, up-to-date information some help dealing with a raider or reanimate problem, translation work.

Despite the seemingly fantastic nature of working hand in hand - in hand - with our four armed friends, its not going to make you rich. Aside from the perks you ask for, they're not about to offer much. You could get some food if you really want it, but you do realize they're insectivores - right? Won't kill ya, but I'm sure a lot of toxic things taste better anyway. Weapons - well a decent knife or hatchet is possible - steel is steel regardless of the blacksmith, and those gyro-jet guns they've got - well, what is the point considering how hard it is to get ammo?

Nor is cooperation going to give you a lot of information. You can't really ask about what the Citizens are up to or about the more violent groups. Imagine trying to ask a person who only speaks Chinese to describe the command procedures of a lunar colony - most of the language is different, and many don't really know anyway. Actually, I'm kind of suspicious - I think they're feigning ignorance or playing up unfamiliarity with terms to get out of answering questions. Its a bit hard to tell what the overall agenda is.

On the other hand, how much can you trust the agenda of most Humans? I know its kind of a catch-22 but as I said, stay optimistic. If you just try to shoot first and presume everyone is out to get you, doors are going to be closed, then karma is going to come around, and people are going to see the worst in you. Try to be good, you might be swindled now and then, but you'll also make friends that will help you through those rough times. Some of them might even be from another planet.

Catch you later.

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