Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

PC Education

Hobbes did not keep to a daily exercise regimen as well as Diego, and it showed. Hauling lumber and loads of tools to repair the wall and roof damaged in the recent storm had left him panting and a bright shade of red. Setting down his hammer for a moment, he crawled to the buildings edge, and looked down on the Sing-Sing. She was bare phased by the work, but then again, she also had a robotic encounter suit to make the labor almost a non issue.

"Sing Sing, what can you tell me about the Citizen educational system?"
The Ekaide's head shifted upwards in a surprisingly life like gesture to face the human. "Its good. Taught me everything I know."
   "Well, it just seems that you answer a lot of questions with 'I don't know" or I am unaware" If it is something you don't want to talk about, you can just say so. This dodging makes you seem kind of - ignorant."
   "Mr, Hobbes, I - I guess I am strange in that I want to know these answers as well as you do. Most are quite happy with... can I say that in English - Every citizen has a history, but not every history has citizens.
   "Very Zen."
   "What?" The robot made the usual alien shrug.
   "Wait - why does the robot do that when you're confused?"
   "Its set to follow my motions for fine work. Its an upper and lower arm thing - how do you manage with just two arms?"
"Never mind, please - continue."
   "To explain - there is no all encompassing history of Planetary Citizens. Everyone learns to read, write, manipulate numbers, pray. Most other subjects are taught by the family or guild as necessary. What happened on other islands doesn't come up, unless you were somehow involved, and then it tends to be somewhat partial. Family history might say there was a battle at such a place and time, and use art description for what happened, but not what tactics or weapons. Mercenary guild members will learn a battle happened between force one and two on such terrain with certain tactics and weapons, but will mention no names. Knowing the full truth means being both a family involved and a mercenary and personal reflection to put it together."
   "So I'm guessing you can't tell me much about this guild?"
   "It is more protection of travelers than hired soldiers."
   "Knights Templar - sorry, another human term you wouldn't know. But we have had similar organizations in the past. Perhaps we need some now."
   "Is there some reason for all this division? Historically, or well - didn't you say in the past that the colonization project was to get over these differences?"
   "All worship planet. More territory controlled, closer to the great energies that fuel us all... To conquer all would be to become the singular voice of the divine. Aside from that - more land is more wealth, food, and fame. A lot of places at home, families had to work just to make dirt, much less a happy life."
   "So even space ships can't overcome hundreds of years of religious and territorial warfare and family loyalties?"
   "It would seem so Mr. Hobbes. You aren't exactly unified by abominations and aliens are you?"
   "Point and match - Sing Sing."
"Hey you two - we have a radio station to fix!" Diego shouted.
"Coming" Hobbes replied.

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