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Thursday, November 3, 2011

16 Tons - Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

I hai't gonna have to tell Saint Peter my soul belongs to the comp'y store. But there will be a rekon, soon. These things, they don't taka care of themselves you know. Whole machine, it be rustin away, some already be gon. How we gonna get the country back toghetha when everythangs gon?

Basements, subways, mines - all gotta be pumped out or they fill up. Metal expands and contracts in the heat, breakn way the concrete cladding. Lubricants break down to sludge, plastics become brittle.

Round the pit face, we'd replace steel el'vator cables more often than most a you replace shoe laces. Drills get taken apart every few hours, sometimes less if its a hard face. "course, to mine coal, first you need tugstun and diamond for the bit heads - right? Plus some nitro or amfo for blasting.

Here in Stockton, we be tryin to keep everything clean, and ready for work. Its hard some days - all the prep and little of the work. There isn't much else in this valley sides the mine, we be of half a mind to pack up and move away. But then what will run the power plants, and with out the plants - what starts the factories, or moves the tractors, produces the platiks?

Longer we wait to get started again, the longer getting started again will take. We can fuss and feud about things later, right now, we got a nation to rebuild - yes?

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