Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Diego's Father

It was a bit hard not to laugh. A barely four foot tall semi-arthopod like alien standing with its arms crossed and tapping its front right foot. Its small stature and inability to replicate human facial expressions making it seem like either a child poorly mimicking a parent, or a cartoon character. Almost cute, though Diego would be loathe to admit the alien had grown on him, and Sing-Sing did not like being viewed as less than serious.
   "Is something bothering you?" Diego asked.
   "Its been a long time."
   "A long time since what?"
   "You said you would be more willing to talk about your family at a later date. I've been quite cooperative talking about my clan - why not you?"
   "Mostly because I've really hoped that if I just ignore them, they'll go away."
   "Is this common with human families?"
   "My family is anything but common. I'd also be rather reluctant to call my father - human."
   "There are other sentient species here?"
   "Plenty - but if you're looking for the word sapient, then no, we're the only ones. What I mean is that he is not someone I'd use as an example of a good person."

Hobbes looked up from his book. "So, you really are related to Emilo DeZufingia?"
   "A-hem - I seem to be missing something here" the alien shouted.
   "I know that the Citizens drink methanol, and really love potato chips - but you've never mentioned if there is much of a drug abuse problem - hallucinogens, uppers, downers, whatever. Probably something you're not allowed to talk to us about, though I'd imagine that being stuck here surrounded by hostile natives has driven more than a few to unhealthy escapism. Well, for various reasons, a lot of humans abused drugs and those who controlled the markets, the smuggling, and the security of such would end up rich men indeed.
   My father, even before the event, was the de fato ruler of Mexico through a combination of military force and money. He couldn't have won an outright war with the federals, but but he'd destroy enough infrastructure and assassinate enough politicians that there wouldn't be a nation left for the army to defend afterwords. There was a joke - 'how do you identify an honest politician? He says please and thank-you when receiving his payments from Honcho DeZufingia.'
   Well, I do exaggerate some - but he was a force. Everybody worried about warming and crop failures in the USA and Europe, but a nation farther south that already had water problems - too many people who were willing to turn to a non-government authority to find some escape. Made himself out to be a new Zapitista - though it is a grave dishonor to that man to compare them, especially when you consider the great man of the nineteen twenties fought against serfdom and haciendas, while Emilo owned ones larger than small towns."
   "Sap-pie what? How senda?"
   "Not important at the moment. What is, is that I didn't want to be a spoiled rich kid living on the money papa gave him, because the father was too busy profiting from suffering to notice the boy existed. I would've had a nice house - several - all the chauffeured cars I wanted, whatever. Hell, with the collapse of the government following your arrival, I'd probably be a literal king ruling a fiefdom in Monterrey. 
   But I came across writings of people like the Buddha, and decided this wasn't right. I took u odd jobs after leaving the house, joined the US national guard in exchange for citizenship, and haven't looked back."

   Hobbes shot an aside glace. "You walked away from all that so easily? Just a religious awakening? Amazing!"
   "Well, the fact that I literally had thirty brothers, sisters, and mothers killed in various trade related violence was a bit of incentive too. And that is just blood relatives! Nano-vac can counter a lot more than just the flue and tropical diseases if you know what I mean, and Papa took full advantage of that."
   "Wow, and all the US news about how he was a murderous psychopath painted such a kind picture of him."
   "I'm not going to talk about that part. Ever."
   "Won't hold that against you."
   "Satisfied Sing Sing?"
   "I would like to know more about this Mexico place, but I will respect your desire to remain silent."
   "Thank you."

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