Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Find Your Lack of Achivement... Disturbing

I can't help but feel its been a disappointing year, and that I should apologize to my loyal readers. What has been accomplished seems small compared to the grand plan I had for the time between January 2010 and now.

It always seems close. Topics of discussion are often self-evident - more about internal conflicts, government structures, power sources, the SPHERE, and other establishing the Planetary Citizen Factions. With so many tags, making a collection and editing shouldn't be that hard, right? Nor should it be so difficult to actually go through the text released back in February to pick out errors, revise samples, and check understandability.

Being a moderator for a game design forum lends itself to actually finishing games, yes? Apparently not.

Yet it appears that fairly little of what I set out to do this year got done. No new games, no artist, fairly little feedback, no new books. Struggling with simply sitting down and writing made me change the update schedule to only twice a week, and I probably still need to do a five or eight post make-up marathon.

Really, if anything - my focus on trying to come up with some new rules for vehicles has set me further behind as I consider new options like scale modifiers so ships don't end up with several dozen animus columns.

Victory, such as it is...
There have been some small victories. Another 129 posts have been added to the story of the Anarchy Zones and the development of "Dead... and Back". That brings the total entries on this site to over two hundred. Twenty-five have been ideas for new rules or entirely new settings. I've also released the FFS edition, containing numerous changes to the rules.

And onwards?
I can tell you now, the first post of the new year will be a long list of topics. My current notebook lists fifty-five subjects to address, and at least a few of these are open to multiple posts. Producing another supplement or edition by February (the anniversary of FFS MK1) or late spring ("April is the cruelest month..." after all) seems feasible with a bit of motivation.

Beyond that, its a ongoing mystery. "Dead and Back" is going to rise from the virtual grave to haunt actual bookshelves one of these days. The question is only one of how decayed will the author be by that time.

Enjoy your new year, be safe, thanks for reading, and don't use fire - the undead may be flammable, but so are you.

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