Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teenage Hunters, Part Two

Kendra pushed the dark SPHERE goggles up onto her forehead, not that there was much to see.. A pair of battery powered lanterns kept Jeff, Heckoya, and Jane well illuminated, but most of the large former restaurant was lost in the darkness. Even in the pool of light, all that really held her attention was the tiny gyro-jet pistol she was idly spinning in her hands. Plastic, ceramic, and light metals, it was toy-like compared to a human weapon with a steel barrel and ferrous acceleration coils. But as interesting as the alien artifact was, her patience was growing thin.

"What the hell is taking so damn long?" she asked "where are the others?"
  Jeff spoke up first "We invited Kirk a few months ago, but he didn't show much commitment to the project."
  "My main man Rick working tonight, helping out with the water pumps." Heckoya added
  "Is there anyone who isn't 'your main man'?" Jeff shot back
  "That is because she is a girl! Have you even tried one?"
   "Boys! Can we get back on topic!" Jane was usually pretty quite, but when she wasn't, everyone listened.
Jeff nodded - "Yes. We came here because Jane wished to voice a concern."

"As Jeff said, not long ago, he wants to keep the trip short - two days out to the next town and back. Now I've been thinking - we should do just the opposite. The 'rents are gonna be livid with us over leaving. Two days or two weeks - we're still going to be facing a few years house arrest - or at least I am. But, we might be able to limit the damage if we bring back something good - actually help the community in exchange for all the worry we caused. Of course, anything all that close has already been picked pretty clean, so we probably need to go farther."
   At first, no one said anything, but when Heckyoa spoke, it was incredulous for the lot "Really? Things have been going fine, and now you bring this up? Not when we're starting, not when we're agreeing to the plans, not at any other time we offered you to opt out - its after we figure out if we have weapons and other illegal stuff - its too late to back out now girl!"
   "Staying longer is the opposite of backing out, you know."
   "You know what I mean - changing the plan. If you we're scared of your folks..."
   "I'm not! I - well, Look. My sister's test results came back, and they're not good. If I can find some nano-vac or at least something to make her happy - it will be worthwhile. But we're not going to find in Tohmpson - that's for sure."

Kendra crossed the lighted patch and gave her friend a hug. "That is different Jane. But it also a big problem for us. We've been trying to keep things covert. It would be possible to collect all the supplies our bikes could carry if we got some friends to help and didn't mind making a run for it rather than just slipping out."
   "My brother dated Jane's sister "Heckoya began "and anyone he calls a skanky b-- and hates is fine by me - I'll do it if everyone else agrees."
   Jeff spoke next "Well, I'm not willing to throw the plan to the winds just to annoy his older brother, though I do at least agree that guy is an a-hole. Kendra, we need a majority vote,  are you for or against?"

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