Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Topics List: The Revenge

If someone raises a question about the setting, I can answer it fairly easily, or at least will be able to think of something with a few minutes thought. However, getting on to topic can be a bit difficult - I might have a lot of prompts, but without direct interrogation, the incentive to actively develop them isn't as great.
  1. 104.3 Broadcast Schedule
  2. Vehicles (Citizen and Non)
  3. Internal conflicts
  4. Bounty Hunting
  5. Cybernetic and Transgenic Augmentation
  6. Alternate Fuels
  7. Other Nations
  8. More NPCs
  9. Scenarios
  10. Power Armor (History and Stats)
  11. Scaling Rules
  12. Notable Equipment
  13. Citizen Tactics
  14. Feral Animals
  15. Revised Reanimate Stats
  16. Stockpiles and Salvage
  17. Citizen Factions
  18. Karma
  19. Weather
  20. Mars and Lunar Base Remains
  21. More about Arcologies and EDGE settlements
  22. Urban Encounters
  23. SPHERE Presence and Withdrawal
  24. EVENT Details
  25. Prior History
  26. Lost SEC
  27. Mexico and Canada Details
  28. Settlement Management
  29. Long Term Player Goals
  30. Citizen Psychology
  31. Leadership
  32. US Government Status
  33. Setting VIPs
  34. KCA Assets and other European Forces
  35. Backgrounds
  36. Honest Day's Work and Economics
  37. Creature Abilities
  38. Restarting a Nation
  39. Fuel Cells and Batteries
  40. Slang and Customs of the Zone
  41. Ideals
  42. Drones and Robots
  43. SPHERE and NANO for Players
  44. Peak Oil
  45. Designing Groups and Places
  46. Expand the Alternate Settings
  47. GM Advice and Notes
  48. Pre-Event Lives for Characters
  49. More about each City-state
  50. 25mm and 45mm weapon systems
  51. New Close Combat Options
Other projects include some general editing and probably compiling some of the entries that are already present for easier browsing and off-line reading.

Feel free to suggest topics or ask for clarification of ones already broached.

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