Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Answer the Question

The old man looked at Mr. Mauser, his face contorting as he decided whether the response to the question should be scathing or merely furious.
   "Of course I have seen reanimates before! Unlike you mother - [Response Redacted from official transcripts]...
   With unflinching calm an a nearly supernatural ability to ignore the invective sent his way, the government agent continued his line of inquiry. "Granted that survival is likely to be higher if such creatures are un-encountered, such sightings are not a given. Now, have you personally - dispatched - any reanimates in the past month?"
   "Uh, no."
   "Two Months?"
   "Six Months"
   "Look you pencil pushing [redacted] I work for a living, other people take care of that while I keep them all fed."
   "That response does not fit in the check box sir. Yes or No?"
   "No, you damned robot."
   "This is a necessary formality, you were told that before we began this interview."
   "Well, I expected the government to come with food, money, and guns - not a fancy suit."
   "Trying to throw supplies at every problem would be worse than useless. It would spread the allocations too thin and bog down representatives with supplying inadequate help. A measured response that quickly renders aid will in turn be magnified as the recovered areas are able to pay it forward and assist others on their own."
   "So you're saying that I should lie, and claim that even farmers are attacked so that it becomes an emergency and get aid sooner?"
   "I would not advocate lying at all. Especially about something like that. After all it would have the opposite outcome - there is little point in wasting resources on a lost cause."
   "You can write off people just like that? A stone faced bureaucratic dictator that can determine the lives of dozens of people with a check box that says 'don't help'?"
   "We have spent more than enough time off topic. Security question three, what types or subtypes of reanimates have been seen in the area? You may refer to this pamphlet if you are unsure of the official descriptions or designations."
   "Oh, if you aren't going to help, you can't even have the courtesy to react like a human being, why should I keep answering your questions."
   "Presumably you are growing non GM crops and suffering from the consummate losses to pests. A small truckload of agricultural chemicals, or just a small handbag of proper modified seeds would probably at least double your food output, increasing the profitability of both yourself and the town. Even without a full level three assistance package, the rewards of allowing further government contact are not inconsiderable."
   "This is why no one trusts you. Its all trade away our independence for a little reward."
   "You can hate us today for being careful, and your grandchildren will be thankful that the situation will be handled well. Or you can hate us for handing out too little, for too many, too late - and there won't be any grandchildren."
   "You can say that without flinching? Without choking up?"
   "Its a gift. Now, question three - what types or subtypes of reanimates have been seen in the area? You may refer to this pamphlet if you are unsure of the official descriptions or designations."

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