Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Enemy of my Enemy

Hobbes tore open another envelope, unfolded its contents and gave them a quick glance. He then casually tossed it over his shoulder, another repeat. Probably ninety-percent of the mail was simply unsuitable - they weren't going to advertise specific outfitters, share propaganda, or play power broker.

"Hey, Sing-Sing - here's a listener question that hasn't come up yet - 'How do citizens deal with reanimates?"
  "Excuse me?"
  "[High Pitched Chirping Noise] - its closest English translation is 'abomination'.
  "OK, so - how do you deal with abominations?"
  "Mostly, we try not to. They're about as scary and huge as normal humans, and then they don't feel pain, or show a capacity to rip open an ekaide that no normal person - or personal armor - displays."
  "I knew the advanced ones were tough, but it didn't occur to me that they would out-do power armor."
  "[Squeal] - they can also transform citizens - we're not sure how the infection works, but if a few get past our defenses, entire villages just up and disappear."
  "Wow. Uh - what did that squeal mean?"
  "I don't know. I think the closest I can translate it is akin to you sarcastically saying "but it it gets better". Well, a direct translation is more like 'poison flavored stingers".
  "Yeah, I don't imagine you would appreciate eating stinging insects."
  "Are you kidding - those are the best kind. We've got the right enzymes to break down the complex molecules of their toxins for a lot of energy - its candy."
  "Thats amazing."
  "I know - I slept through most of those lessons in school - I didn't think I'd remember it either."
  "I don't mean to be rude Sing-Sing, but just what are you supposed to know?"
  "I'm a shipwright. I pretty much know the exact same things Diego does - just pertaining to our machines, not yours. Since we're under the agreement that I'm not going to give away anything too secretive, I just can't talk about my job."
  "Back to rean- abominations then?"
  "Usually the vanguard towers can take care of them, otherwise, we try to be aggressive. A lot of humans are stuck at eye level, so they don't notice a citizen hiding under a table or in a small space, but somehow abominations are a lot more thorough, so hiding doesn't work as well."
  "That is scary. They show way too much intelligence for what they are at times."
  "So do you."
Hobbes stared at the alien for a moment.
  "That sounded better in my head. Mr. Hobbes."
  "Of course."

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