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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Century's Reanimate

Sometimes I wonder if this would have been better two centuries ago. Heck, maybe just one century ago wouldn't be as bad.

Think about it - back in the Wild West. Most of us wouldn't be relying so heavily on guns, and those of us who do - you can make Minne balls running your own lead, and black powder is easier to replicate than superconducting magnetic coils. Mercury fulament caps might be a bottle neck, granted. Medicine back then would be pretty bad. Of course, all the medical miracles we have these days that we can't access, or have the facilities to use are doing us a world of good. I've lost more friends on runs to retrieve medicine  and nano-vac than any other cause.

We're using horses right now - and back then most people would be able to do so without killing them. Its kind of a nightmare right now for the poor animals, worse than for us.

The image that folk were hardier then is probably just a national mythology - but we'd be a lot less desperate to get our infrastructure back on line. Heck, homesteading is when they started that infrastructure. But we'd be fighting back and building new log cabins - not hiding in old apartment complexes and trying to get the water running. I mean damn - it takes a lot of people to clear, secure, and repair a water treatment plant - much harder than digging your own well - and what do we need an entire town's worth of water for anyway?

Perhaps the 1950s would be a good middle ground. Not so much computer reliance, but nice guns and the nuclear bomb. A 90mm tank shell should be more than enough to stop an Succubus, it just wouldn't have all the high tech sighting equipment. A guass rifle isn't any more powerful than an M1 Garand - it just has a bigger ammo feed and full auto fire when you keep the battery charged. If you don't keep the battery charged, the M1 is better all around.

And hey - those classic cars. Given the number of retro style Touring cars on the road, who would notice the difference? Before the national highway system, we wouldn't have have the boneroad kill zones outside every major city. Would that be a good thing - or would it just be worse in the city? Hmm...

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