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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Kind of Resort

Location: Redacted
Name: Redacted
Purpose: Level Three Testing

Although field tests provide an excellent proof of concept in the real world, far too many variables are in play for very accurate assessment of some program aspects. Furthermore, the task of isolation and clean-up afterwards is a non-negligible expense and can provide the occasional hazard if the tests - deviate. Hence a need to rely on controlled locations and conditions provided by specialized laboratories.

This location in particular is useful due to its warm setting and inviting atmosphere - though it is admittedly not the most isolated of locations. Fortunately, as a hotel, it is home to a population of transients, so it is unlikely that they have much familiarity the area, or that locals will notice their disappearance as anything other than routine.

I can't say I care for the decor of the main lobby - it reminds me a bit too much of the rather messy "coconut Grove" clean up operation a good while back, though I am one of the few staff old enough to remember that. Perhaps the more legitimate critique it looks cheap, like every other "tropical" theme bar festooned with plastic palm fronds and random pineapples.

Once you're checked it everything does markedly improve. To the left is the main hall, complete with stage, dancing, buffet, and second level bar overlooking everything, though just isolated enough to be quiet. There is an outdoor mezzanine, but the view is somewhat ruined by the structures containing most of the accommodation behind them. We're probably not going to do well trying to host weddings here but I suppose that is what happens when your hotel is designed by biologists instead of architects.

To the right is a few smaller rooms dedicated to activities - small movie theaters, meeting rooms, and an arcade. I approve of the last one - we don't have nearly enough of the younger demographics in our tests - though the selection might be a bit anachronistic. Do children really play pinball all that much these days? Nine of ten machines should be actual video games with a few analog machines, not vice versa. Also, that virtual robot twin stick game is unduly distracting the staff.

Yes, yes, I am griping about minutia. Do you expect anything less of me at this point? Allowing even small mistakes breed complacency, and that is hard something our operations can afford if we wish to remain on schedule.

At the very least, there isn't much to complain about with the rooms themselves. They are your very standard tessellating L-shaped hotel room, set back to back on on two story buildings, accessed by covered halls. If it weren't for the cheery setting and fairly plush amenities, it would seem like a fairly standard mom and pop motor lodge, but credit where it is due, as out of date as the arcade is, the rooms are very modern, and our agents have put their best foot forward in their masquerade as hotel staff. Paying them twice also probably helps, but the hotel does seem to be self-supporting so far as budget goes.

Room 101 contains a clever entrance to level B of the labs, whereas Level A is from a more discrete location near the boat house. Of course, you should already be quite familiar with the testing are layout - its quite similar to the one in Paris, though a bit reinforced after that accident with type "tree triple H" (Parasitic).

Testing is set to begin soon, though it will be starting slow with a surgical type to make sure everyone is properly up to date with SOP.

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