Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reanimates Revistied, Beta

Yes, I am calling it a reanimate to be technically correct, but everyone else is just going to refer to is as The Beta. At this point, it has ceased to be anything resembling human. Neither appearance nor temperament hit that this creature might once have been a man or woman - its just a shock trooper more alien than even the quadruped Planetary Citizens.

Other reanimates, "Kappa" aside - look pretty close to human, this one doesn't.  A Beta's skin is like half-melted tires, in both consistency and resiliency - they barely even notice something less than a shotgun slug. Its hands and feet have hooked talons between the digits allowing them the ability to climb many surfaces and tear off huge chunks of skin. Two arms, and two legs is only the minimum, Betas with six or eight limbs have been mentioned in many stories around the campfire. Exaggeration? Possibly. But there are enough things to be scared of without adding fanciful reanimates to that list.

You can find them hunting in packs, or rarely alone - thank god for small blessings.

Fortunately, their intelligence seems to stop at the logic more fewer humans equals better. The Beta might surprise you due to its location and silence - but they don't set the same sort of planned ambushes an Alpha or Type Two might. On the other hand, they're fast and will give chase a lot more readily than other reanimates. Be very wary of this! Betas can run faster than most humans, though they're not too agile, so you need to make rapid turns or duck through small openings to get away.

SDI 5, NT 2 NP 2- Bare hands are useless against a Beta, and even just knives and pistols (DR 2) are very uncertain without burning lucidity or burst fire. Their odd biology means once you do break through the armor, there isn't much behind it.

Betas have low stats despite their toughness - Two for wits and quick, one for technique and ranged. Close combat is a respectable five however, and their running speed is Run/12 making an injured human generally unable to escape through speed alone.

Unlike prior reanimates these ones have notable weapons - and are capable of ripping up armor and opening cars like tin cans - DR 5 with claws means they are close to being capable of ripping a person's head off with a single swipe (remember - DR six exceeds the SDI of two for a human by four - overkill...) Betas are capable of reduceing this if they want to take someone alive for some unknown reason...

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