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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Want a New Drug

Notes on the ROM-ER-Zero Complex by T. Savini

I. Introduction
Some have opined that "Ghoul" is the fastest growing danger to health, safety, and security in this nation. I would say the some think to small - this may very well be an international threat of unforeseen proportions. A bastardized perverted illicit formulation of a widely available clinical compound, the famous Robin-Onkhet-Michael regeneration therapy drug, abuse rapidly leads to dependance, violent action, and disregard for the consequences.

II. The Robin-Onket-Michael Complex
The ROM Complex - when used properly - one of the greatest wonder-drugs mankind has developed, on par with aspirin, tetracycline, and artificial hormones. Without being overly technical - it sends all the bodies into overdrive and rapidly heals the subject - perhaps not as dramatic as the abilities of a certain Marvel Comics character, though that is the comparison often made - and none the less, impressive. This unexpected and unnatural level of activity has a great number of repercussions for the body - tumors, pustules, migraines, weakened blood-vessels, unexpected hormonal changes, general muscle pain, extreme hunger... Well, it has a lot of potential side effects, but is for all intensive purposes internal surgery in a bottle. Epi-pen injector actually.

Usually this mixed with other drugs that help limit the side effects by targeting areas of the body more specifically. ROM-CP patches up the cardiopulmonary system, CS is Cerebro-Spinal for back injuries, and the like. ER, or emergency room is the least controlled and is meant for multiple injuries at once, such as on the battlefield or after a major accident.

A further complex of drugs given a numerical value are also added to the mix. From one to six are anesthetics to keep the patient either sedated or even unconscious for ease of handling and easing of pain. Seven through zero on the other hand awake, aware, and out of shock - zero being especially potent and keeping soldiers ready for battle, despite grievous injuries.

III. Romero Effects
Romero - shorthand for ROM-ER-Zero is the most effective and distressing formulation we know of, meant for rapid healing and retention of combat effectiveness in dire situations. At least in theory, it goes from an organic epoxy injection to broad band healing in seconds, and in less than three minuets, can transform a soldier nearly dead from sever shrapnel woulds to the abdomen and thorax into a fearless combatant.

That is the problem though. The mix of drugs makes them hyper-sensitive, nearly immune to injury, and quite completely immune to pain, leading to extreme risk-taking and often berserk rage. Although still able to fight, the soldiers brothers in arms might prefer if they did not. Furthermore, the let-down afterwards is quite capable of killing the trooper anyway. Thus the Zero formulation is designed to last a minimum of seventy-two hours to ensure that the emergency has passed and there is time to get them to a proper hospital that can deal with both the drug's effects and lingering injury.

IV. Ghoul

A super-effective stimulant that can keep a person alert and partying for three days on end, while making them quite insulated from the bad choices they make by way of healing any injuries - and a sense of both power and invincibility due to steroidal and adrenal affects. Provided they can either cope with or don't care about the after-effects, ROMERO could be considered "One hell of a drug" for the simple chemical abuser. It the hands of someone who seeks to harm others, rather than just themselves, its seen as a pseudo super-serum, as almost no weapon available to police can stop a person injected with the stuff.

ROM is widely manufactured, both for paramedic and emergency room use, and for use in areas of the third world where surgery is difficult to come by. While we are not aware of any illicit manufacturing facilities, theft from ambulances and clinics is rapidly becoming a major problem for health care providers. If face, the threat or actual conduct of armed robbery is beginning to have a noticeable impact on response times for paramedics.

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