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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nano Vac

Most of the time, world changing innovations become part of the everyday language. Even technical terms like Tetracycline, petraflop, and SCHISM (Situated Collective Heuristic Internet Selection Mechanic - ie the Sphere  augmented reality system) were fairly common in casual conversation. And yet nano-vac always seemed to be taken for granted. Almost no one refered to the secondary bio-mech immune system by its real name.

Semi-Volitional Internal Agent 325 mark 1.3** might not roll off the tongue, but that is the label in the lab, the patent office, and billions of ampules sent around the globe.

I can't quite bring myself to feel shame about the negatives. Yes, there were riots when distribution was delayed. Yes, some despots rose to power by promising it to those who supported their revolution,  and some companies exploited people as virtual slaves in exchange for the stuff.

But it spread every other way too. Whether people bought it directly, recived  it as part of an employee benefits package or government health-care, the stuff spread like wild fire. SVIA 325 mk1.3** was the subject of the biggest charitable drive and vaccination effort since small pox or polio.

And the effect was quicker than either of those efforts - remember the Salk vaccine predates commercial jet aircraft, and only treated one disease. This is not really a vaccine despite what everyone called it, but a complete second immune system. It can hunt down infections of all types, help mend broken bones,  and even suture minor internal cuts to limit bruising. A modified form could remove cancer from the body, another could break down toxins (though tese types were only available in hospitals).

In fact, there were very few limitations. It wasn't so useful against grievous injuries - brain trauma, gunshots etc. High radiation destroyed it so replacement doses were needed after X-rays or if working in the nuclear power field. Nor did the agent really fight pain itself (even if it attacked the causes quickly), and I'm pretty sure the rumors about the military developing a type that acted on neurotransmitters to act as a painkiller are just that - rumors.

My part in all this might have been small, but I know something I made is everywhere from Albania to Zimbabwe.I think the Lord was smiling on me the day I was transferred to the research hospital down in Alabama where it all started.

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