Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Alien Sky

"Is there a problem? You don't normally power up the Ekaidie?"
"No Mr. Hobbes, Could not sleep - just [squelch] - star looking."
"Wouldn't that be better done with a telescope and not a power suit?"
"Unit has intERnal heatER and mag-ni-fying opt-ics.
"Well, you've probably got the damn best place in the states to do it. Rocky Mountain foothills with scrub and desert to the East as far as the eye can see."
"Is nice. Can not, find home, though. Or consTELations. Ne-ver seen so many stars."
"You came here on a spaceship didn't you?"
"No windOWs. Why put a hole in the rad-eye-Ay-shun shield to see a lot of emp-ty space?"
"Good point. How about closer objects? Does the Citizen home world have any moons?"
"Which answer do you want?"
"The correct one I suppose?"
"Trick question to annoy drunk people because every answer is wrong."
"You are going to have to explain that."
"Three main moons - one [squelch] locked, two orbit. DEbris ring in two distinct bands of fourth, possibly fifth moon. Very large number of smaller objects still big enough to be small islands. So answer is Three, Five, Twenty-Seven, or one-hundred thirty six DEpend-ing on criteria."
"I see. Must be an interesting sky - like standing on Saturn."
"Big planet in this solar system, known for its bright rings. A gas giant."
"The [Squelch] from the dust and rings means we can't see stars, except at poles or special nights. It is a - strange [Squelch] when [Squelch] stops[Squelch]"
"Stop, Stop! You're trying to talk about something outside the translation computer's database."
"Lets try a diffrent topic. You said citizens could get drunk. On what exactly?"
"Warm water of plants with insects or -or plant colorful eat thing -"
"Fruit? Your suit doesn't know the term fruit?"
"Shipwright - not plant study person!"
"Warm water of plants with insects or fruit dipped in it for long time."
"So like the tea we've been drinking?"
"No, not water water - made from trees - long procESs - stuff you use in genERator smell good but no plat col - fruit."
"Methanol? Wood alcohol? Or Ethanol - grain alcohol - wait, probably not in  database uh - that bottle of Vodka Diego has hidden in the ceiling or the fuel?"
"Not Vod-Ka."
"You haven't been drinking any of it - have you?"
"A small amount."
"OK, you're honest. Good. Well, just keep it in moderation. I don't have a heated armored suit, so I'm going back inside and too bed. Don't stay out too late."
"Good Night Mr. Hobbes."

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