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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PA Operations Manual Excerpt: Donning

Note: The procedures for readying the Tactical Augmentation exoSkeleton Carapace Model 79 (TASC-79 Eisenhower "Powered Armor") is similar - but not identical to - those for the TASC-80 (EVANS/Donovan PA) and TASC-83 (Colin Powell). Failure to mind these differences may result in injury! See also FM-3.0.4-92-SM for use of Special Maneuver Augmentation Carapace (SMAC) 90 (MacArthur).

1.0 Overview
A unit ready for use will seem like a rigid set of armored mechanics overalls. A pilot steps into the lower leg portions, locks in, and adjusts. The front armor plate is then folded up from its waist hinge to cover the upper and lower torso. Once secured, the pilots arms are lowered into those of the suit, the gauntlets are ratcheted up, and the pauldrons fold over to lock the shoulders and front in place. The helmet then drops down and twists to lock on. Provided no major adjustments are to be made, the solder can be fully equipped in less than sixty seconds.

1.1 Feet
Approach open TASC unit, using ingress stairs to find correct level. Turn to face forward, as determined by suit. Side step to place feet into Sabatons and open Greaves [*Boot/lower leg armor*], careful to keep feet oriented at a 30 degree inward angle. Fit them snugly into the provided stirrups and adjust for fit. Turning feet forward will will lock them into place so that moving of the TASC and the pilots feet are linked.

WARNING: Once locked in, do not move feet until remainder of  start-up procedure is complete!

WARNING: Do Not lean on open forward plate unit may tip!

1.2 Lower Body
Once the feet are locked into place, the Poleyn and Cuisses (Knee and thigh protection) will move into place automatically. Small thumb switches will allow the user to inflate/deflate air bladders used to adjust comfort of the armor - be sure the fit is firm and comfortable - overly loose or tight fit may result in long term discomfort or injury.

1.3 Gauntlets and Arm Protection...

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