Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Heavy is the head...

The office was decorated in somewhat out of date "dream wave" style. No straight lines when gentle curves could be used instead, almost everything a clear acrylic except for one white patch on the desk that held its internal electronics. Blue painted natural bamboo mats covered the floor, off setting the otherwise sterile lack of color on the walls or in the furniture. At quick glace, it looked like a floating white panel and trio of cushions floating over an ocean, before one picked up the furniture edges. A large picture window faced West, framing the sun as it turned the landscape red at dusk. Despite the UV filtering glass, there were still differently colored regular patches on the wall where the current occupant had removed the former's personal effects and photos.

Victor H.R. Seagram was also a bit out of date in style. Most people had given up on older forms of dress. Wearable computers were a bit stiff, and after too much flexing and washing, simply broke, even if there were no tears or holes. Nor did the weather this time of year really lend itself to large patches of skin covered by plastic fibers.Indeed, it was often warm enough in the buildings that there was a movement to make public nudity allowable. If that was the only issue he had to worry about, he'd have found religion just to than god for it.

But the man who insisted on suits or sport coats to keep to appearance of his job as mayor had far bigger things than that. (And the answer would continue to be no - people had standards, after-all). Citizen recon-aircraft had been spotted last week, an Argentine submarine had been tracked, and there were only a few months more of uranium for the power plant.Weather like this wasn't helping the farms either. And yet another group of teenagers ran off of r a three day adventure in the old cities. If the police couldn't keep their own kids in, how were they supposed to keep things out?

And those damn god squads. The witch burners in Birmingham had been making overtures to join for two years, maybe more. Certainly it could help the supply situation, and in theory, double the amount of US territory considered under government control - even if it wasn't necessarily the old congress.

Mr. Seagram had be considering a run later in the decade, mayor of an arco project was a pretty good resume for being a representative.

But now they were just getting nasty. Trade deals had been getting less and less fair, and now it seems some church affiliated groups had actually attacked some wasteland patrols. Rumors had it that the other city state was gearing up for a conflict.

And on a purely personal level, he couldn't well deal with a group that thought of his mothers and an abomination.

He removed the interface glasses and rubbed his temples, then swiveled the chair to look out the window. A few taps on the suit's arm turned down the air conditioning another two degrees. Rank had its privileges.

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