Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hunter's Legion

Known Markings:
A large triangle with its hypotenuse facing up, with the bottom half covered by a smaller triangle in a similar orientation. From either of the angled sides of the smaller triangle, and the center top of the large one is a is a right angle crook. Overall, it gives a very rough impression of an eagle with wings spread.

Members are encouraged to have the glyph on armbands or other adornments, but otherwise there is no standard dress code.
The group is run rather like a parliamentary monarchy. Octavius Hunter maintains himself as the moral center with oversight, but most decisions are determined democratically by a representative from each century (80-100 people).

Estimated Forces:
 So far, they are far short of the 1000 member goal, counting only 345 in the ranks.
Notable Equipment:
The Legion is not particularly well equipped, but it does have a lot more good will than most groups. Oftentimes, the group will donate equipment to those who need it. However, the group has managed to acquire a few pieces of very heavy equipment - helicopters and tanks - though only about a half dozen of each. However, as tools to resupply those in need or break blockades, they have earned quite a bit of non-combat goods in thanks.
"As the old saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. But it may well have been created in one. No projects, no armies, no planning - just people agreeing that they had something good worth protecting." - Legionnaire Octavius Hunter.
Octavius saw the Event as the sad ending of a chapter of humanity. However, this also meant a new chapter was beginning. A chance to inscribe a new book of life, a clean sheet free of previous injustice. 

Mr. Hunter set the goal of creating a full century of a hundred men, then expanded it to a full cohort of ten such centuries. He felt that if he could raise a full thousand people dedicated to helping others without allegiance to an old state or new city, he could truly change the world.
So far, he counts about 345, though a number of these are not quite the good people he'd like. 
Many see Hunter as too soft hearted for the zone. He often grants refuge, and although he might expel a member based on accusations, he won't turn them over to a mob or settlement seeking damages or revenge.
More of a problem is that there are more ruthless people who want to run things. They're just waiting for the legion to get strong enough and then stage a coup once a full army can be theirs.
For the time being though, it is still a nomadic group dedicated to delivering messages, helping others, and combating bandits. This has earned a lot of good will from other groups, even the notorious tower Reversed is fairly respectful of them. However, many of the bigger establishments find the group troublesome. New Birmingham doesn't like the idea of new Romans, the US government finds their refusal to commit themselves to the old nation troubling, and bandits in general don't like a bunch of goody-two-shoes.  It is unknown ho long the Legion can last under these conditions.
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