Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cybernetics (work in progress)

"So, doc, what is his prognosis?"
   "Not as bad as it could be. A little better and I'd even say it was good."
   "You cut off his arm."
   "The alien was just swinging that radiation cannon blindly, it only winged him - well as much as turbocharged X--ray can. He is suffering from acute radiation poisoning, but he didn't get enough full body exposure to go beyond that. The biggest lingering problem is going to be his immune system is damaged, and a radiation dose like that probably destroyed any nano-vac that was in his system. He is probably going to need double doses, and a bit more to cover the surgery - and god knows that stuff isn't easy to come by around here.
    "You cut off his arm."
   "The arm took the brunt of it, the marrow was basically charred, so I needed to amputate to avoid blood poisoning or gangrene. But there is an upside to that. A nice clean medical removal means an intact stub and nerves, so he is a prime candidate for a cybernetic replacement. Its much worse if it gets ripped off - by... something."
   "You cut off his arm."
   "You cut off his arm."
   "Well this is bloody F-ing great. He is probably going to take this better than his sister."
"Hey Alan - can you get up here for a moment? Jannie is a bit hysterical, and I'm going to need some help getting her to bed.

"So - are you going to give him anything special?"
    "Please tell me you're not going there..."
   "I mean - we are an anti-alien resistance group, some super strength, or a laser..."
   "The joke wasn't funny the first day of med school, it isn't any better now. Cybernetics do not grant trans-human capabilities. Never have. Unless we gave him a titanium spine and steel carapace, trying to make a super limb would rip his shoulder blades out well before he could lift a car. The waste heat of an industrial laser can melt light metals - would could neither miniaturize one to fit in an eye, and it would set his head on fire if he tries to use it. Nor would there be a place for a coolant reservoir to maintain proper infrared vision."
"Calm down man, I'm just trying to add levity to the situation"
"don't tell me to calm down."
"Well, then cool it."
"Get out!"
"Damn it, do you know what calming down means for me - two fifths of whiskey and beating my wife until I get twenty-five years for manslaughter."
"I knew I should of shopped around for a better doctor."

The punch was not unexpected, but fast.

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