Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ride Along with Right Thought

[Interior Shot - Classroom, Early Afternoon. Furnishings are worn, mostly off camera. FoV focused on a man, mid 40s, chestnut hair, well trimmed mustache, blue polo shirt. He begins speaking:]

There are a lot of odd beliefs about Right Thought. Some are simply bizarre - like we have a secret knock or only wear rings on our right hand. Others are downright blasphemous. One rumor connects us to some Roman time conspiracy of a fourteenth disciple of Jesus. [Shakes head dismissively]
   But the thing you must believe is, we want what is best for you - for your soul. No strange signs or ceremony - just an oath from Ezekiel 18:23 [Camera pans upwards to a banner about the blackboard as the speaker continues, it reads "declares the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live" Fade to black]

[Opening theme plays over montage of officers entering homes or patrolling streets. Final shot is of a church, slowly panning to top of steeple while voice-over plays:]
   "Inquisition is filmed with the men of Right Thought. All suspects are considered sinners until they receive the forgiveness of the LORD."

[Interior shot, automobile, Priest driving]
   Most everyone has their moment of weakness - that is why god's son and his loyal servants are there for you. There are those who give in. It must be between the person and god to return to righteousness. But that pull away is strong. We are a rope to tie to the Rock.
   We're heading to a special case. He was given a warning - and had stopped. Entirely. Some can do that, they are truely blessed. But most need weaning, coaching, confession, prayer. An abrupt stop is all too often an attempt to be more discrete than true recovery.
  We're here.

[Camera Two - Exterior shot, red brick three flat apartment building with too many layers of white paint flaking off a decades old brick facade.Priest from car walks from off cmera left forwards to door, camera view gives chase, both stop near door]
   "See how it decays? That is what sin does, just not so evident. Well, no sense in delaying salvation - yes?
[Knocks on Door]
   "Mr. [REDACTED] open up. This is Brother Anderson of Right Thought!
[Door opens, though chain remains connected, Blond woman peeks through gap.]
   "I'm sorry sir, Mr. [REDACTED] is not here right now.
   "Who might you be miss?
   "I'm [REDACTED]"
   "Are you sure he isn't here? He was instructed to be on the premises."
   "I just do the laundry and keep the place clean. I can't help you." [Door Shuts]
"This is odd, but not unexpected. I was hoping he would be reasonable and came alone. That does not seem to be the case. So now I need to call in for back-up, and an entry team will be here shortly. We will have to search the premise, and will probably find something that shouldn't be there.
   People seem to think its harmless, and what else is there to do when we're stuck in little camps like this. Or else fall back on the old excuse, it was legal before the Event. But really, what kind of logic was that? - Oh, he was such a nice boy until he killed all those people and wore their skins like trousers, I'm sure he is still a nice person now. Really, those were some hideous times indeed...
[Cut to commercial - man in doctors scrubs with back to large white wall, to his right, pictures of the wasteland begin to flash.]
   The Event has purged a great deal of sinners from the land and many of the others are stuck in the wasteland, without proper acess to healthcare. Like those expelled from Eden, child birth is now a painful and dangerous burden.
[Camera pans left, revealing the doctor is standing near a hospital maternity ward]
   But here in the community of New Birmingham we have access to the best medical care there is. Have you had children to sustain the righteous? It is your duty to bring forth the next generation. Generous rewards are available for those who bring four or more into the service of the lord. Inquire at...

(For those of you not familiar with the show "Cops" - watch the intro sequence to better understand this homage)

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