Dead... and Back is a survival horror Role Playing Game. The Anarchy Zones is its official setting - aliens, reanimates, and the ruins of 2055 America.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Citizen Wheels

Sing -Sing cocked her head. "I don't think that beard works for you, Mr. Hobbes."
  "When aliens that don't even have beards dislike your new look, it might be an indication its the wrong one" Diego added. 
  "Ok, Ok, I get the picture- but considering how hard it is to get quality razors anymore we might just have to get used to it."
  "You just don't have the face for it boss, and its kind of unbalanced with nothing up-top."
  "As if your self-done bowie knife hair-cuts are all that great. The only one of us here fit for TV is her."
  "We're great faces for radio, what can I say?"
  "But you can't see faces on radio..."
  "Its an expression Sing-Sing."

Hobbes leaned back on the threadbare couch and took another sip of his tea. "Speaking of Expressions - its been a while since you've told us anything substantive Mrs. Sing. Something other than tidbits about how you dislike politics or the proper way to pronounce EyeKaiAyDee."
   "Something you had in mind?"
   "What do Citizens drive when they're not in encounter suits."
   "We don't really drive. It is extremely rare for one individual to own a vehicle - this dates back ages when you need entire guild to build and maintain ships or run animal caravans."
   "Teamsters - from Outer Space!" Diego shouted, mimicking B-move reverb effects.
Hobbes broke up laughing, Sing-Sing scissored her arms in confusion.
  "Sorry, that would take a while to explain, do continue".
   " As I've explained before home world is a lot like a bunch of little versions of Austria, complete with the baby-back, so ships and later aircraft were always best - you either circled around or flew over."
   "Baby-back is a cut of meat, and Austria is not an island. Its "Australia" and the "Outback".
   "[Untranslated Squeaking]"
   "That's the same sound you made when you dropped hammer on your foot - does that mean what I think it does?"
   "Back on topic - Some of the islands have things akin to your trains. They are often suspended from above though to pass over rough terrain rather than blow a hole through a mountain. Smaller ones shunt things around factories or cities. I've seen track independent wheeled vehicles, but I'm hardly rich enough to ride one."
  "How about bicycles, motorcycles - roller skates?"
  "Motorcycles - possibly, but balance is a bit of a problem - all your weight is in a vertical line, mine isn't. Strapping wheels to your feet or pedaling - a showman's trick. Airplanes on the other hand - were quite common for fast transport of just about anyone - its a lot cheaper and easier to make the transit at high speed and not pack all the extra food and supplies for a week long sea journey."
   "I suppose super-sonic transports would work better when not flying over cities and the noise complaints - that is part of why they never got much traction around here."
   "A lot of our airplanes are a bit like boats with wings, so they could put down almost anywhere in an emergency, and even islands without big airstrips could be visited. Also, I think that may be part of the arrangement with the shipwright guild since otherwise they never would have accepted... well never mind. Helicopters are also common, though often seen as less effective than other methods. We just happen to have a very large number of them now, since we weren't sure what the new planet we found would be like."

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