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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Very Model of a Modern Major... Pastry Chef

War. War never changes.

At least, I don't think it does. I wasn't in the military before the event, I just read a lot - and made hundred-fifty dollar apiece pastries for a downtown New York restaurant. (As the saying goes - if you have to ask which one, you probably weren't the kind to get reservations.) As you can imagine, when we're back to subsistence agriculture, gold leaf covered tarts aren't in great demand, and I needed to find another job. You pick up a great deal of discipline in cooking school, and well, it beats slopping hogs.

You didn't come here to learn about Viennoiseries though. So, as for how I see this working - well, its like two blind men knife-fighting. Most armies these days are a bit like guerrilla groups with an emphasis on hiding, maneuver, and ambush - a legacy of both the manpower available, and the tactics developed to counter the reanimates. But it comes down to, we don't really know where the other guy is, but you want to find a way to leave a trap or knock them down, and then hit them when they're stuck.

Of course, the fact that almost none of know what we're doing doesn't really help with planning ambushes. As I said before, being a chef gives discipline, which is a bit better than most of the guys I'm serving with. If you don't know how to farm, fix a tractor, or suture, you tend to default to military. How many corporate lawyers and barbers to we really need at the moment -right? Actual military experience is at a premium since far too many soldiers died during The Event - reanimates aren't exactly like the normal forces they're trained to fight.

Hmm... What else. Logistics is a bit of a pain. I did plenty or ordering for the restaurant, but back then, if something was in short supply, you changed the menu and made a different selection. You can't really substitute crossbow bolts for rifle bullets the way you can replace Gruyere for Comte in Gougere.  That's savory choux pastry in case you're wondering. Fighting reanimates if you keep your head and have friends - not so bad. Never had the misfortune of facing them alone, and not sure what I'd do if I did.

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