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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Eisenhower Power Armor

Tactical Augmentation exoSkeleton Carapace Model 79 Eisenhower.

Almost no one calls it that. Its the Ike, the tin can, power armor, Sierra-Three (Slim-SpaceSuit), support armor or just a suit. AS to its actual designation - 79 refers to the number of prototypes and competing models rather than a date or notable index, and most of the augmenting pistons are under armor so it certainly doesn't look like an exoskeleton - making TASC-79 seem rather counter-intuitive.

The machine seems to be a cross between medieval armor and a slimmed down space suit. There are several styles of helmet,  - allowing for different combinations of filters, visual gear, wearer comfort, and user preference (otherwise troopers can be hard to tell apart). Most are a cross between a a knight's Bascinet, a stalhelm, and a gas mask - the eye-piece a notable oval of tinted armor glass. Shoulder-pads both cover the areas where the arms, front plate, and back unit converge, and also can by shape and color help mark individual solders. Each elbow has a pad over it and volumetric-fabric to allow for ease of movement, while the knees are covered with jointed armor and fully protected.

While the unit has a prominent hump/backpack most of the systems are in fact quite well distributed. Batteries are located in the legs and feet to help keep the center of gravity low, and provide limited additional protection from mines. Fuel cells are in the lower part of the pack, and isolated from the user, while above is a water system, and some electronics. Much like wearable computers, the inside of the arms mount input devices, though since these are non-flexible, there are much more durable than fabric processor units. Antennas run around the helm, so the radio is unlikely to stop working, unless the user is decapitated. (Grim tales from South America say, even then it might still work.)

Armor composition is secret, but is generally acknowledged to be a metallic layer over a glass reinforced plastic filler, backed with nano-ballistic gel. Per usual, avoiding incoming fire is preferable, but reports confirm at least limited ability to block heavy-caliber pistols, light rifles, and buckshot.

TASC-79 Stats (Full)
  • SDI 4 (Will slow down rifle bullets, resistant to shrapnel and pistols)
  • Animus Points: 12 (Convergent)
  • Abuse: 1d8 (More fragile than people think, but effective)
  • Fuel: 1d8 (Fuel cells are by necessity small, roughly 48 hours of operation)
  • Agility: -1d6 (Its about thirty-five kilos of armor, actuators, and batteries strapped to your limbs and chest - while it can go anywhere a human can, something like picking a coin off the floor is surprisingly difficult while wearing one)
  • Overdrive: 3 (Its a combat unit - sometimes redlining is for the best.)
  • Capacity: One person with nothing in their chest pockets.
  • Speed: Equal to the wearer or fourteen, whichever is less.
  • Sensors: Forward Looking Infrared (passive), IR search-light, Image Intensification night vision, 3.5x zoom camera, multichannel military radio, battlefield-networking compliant. Total package is +2d6 to searching, and identification and a bonus to initiative at night.
  • 1d8 threshold at the end of a track  Nicely built and distributed systems
  • Power Plant: A combination of fuel cells and high-efficiency batteries, plus pulleys actuated by
  • Other systems: NBC air-filter - though no overpressure system, piezoelectric heating system, built in water dispenser, urine removal system (PA does not unzip...)
  • Aim: +1d6 to ranged (Recoil compensation and targeting systems)
TASC-79 (Amended)
  • Abuse: 1d8
  • Fuel: 1d8
  • HP: 12
  • SDI: 4
  • Agility: Pilot minus 1d6 for bulk and articulation limits.
  • Tech/Systems: +2d6
  • Ranged: +1d6

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